Eurovision Song Contest

is most famous song contest in Europe.
Almost European countries join this contest,and over 3 billion people watch every year.
It seems like 紅白歌合戦 in Japan.
Yesterday we watched ESC the final on big screen in our school.
That was so exciting!
Unfortunately,Denmark was 4th prize.
Last year,Norway got the first prize,so this year´s ESC presented in Oslo.
Germany got the first prize,this year.
I supported Scandinavian countries.Everyone in our school did too.
Iceland gave the biggest points for Denmark.
And Norway too and they said "Our friend Denmark".
So I think Scandinavian countries are very good friends.
Not like Asian countries...Especially Japan,South Korea and China.
That is sad thing.Don´t you think so?

We were so laughing watching Greece!


And got the First prize ,,,Germany

I never forget Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

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